Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Holy Moly....we have been so busy!!  I have a short term contract position that I started last week.  I am really enjoying it, but it is very busy!!!

We have all THREE kids in softball/baseball.  We have practices on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Games are on Thursday for Hannah and Saturday's for the boys.

Monday night we have religious education for the boys, I teach and Hannah is an aide.  Hannah has her class on Sunday night.

Pete and I are bowling again this season every other Sunday evening.

School is in high gear...except for this week because we are on FALL break (which actually gives us a reprise from all the other stuff too except work).

And we are about to be able to take a shower in our master shower (it has been out of commission for a couple of years due to a leak and shower door issues).  I actually did my first tile job after completely rebuilding the seat in the shower (the source of the leak).  Still no shower door, but a shower curtain has been installed that will do until we can afford something I really want.  I will update once I can clean the shower pan (I haven't been able to put any water in the shower until the caulking was done)!!  

I am looking forward to this weekend when we don't have to run to games and practice!!!  Hopefully I can milk it into Birthday Weekend!!!