Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Camping at the MX track for the weekend - $50

Gas to get to the track - Way Too Much

Watching your 6 year old go head to head with another racer, race his hardest, and come out 1st - PRICELESS

Pete and I were walking on clouds after Dave's race on Saturday....our bubble was burst a little when at 4am our racer sat up and puked......just dehydrated I think.

We can hardly wait until this Saturday to race again (we will make sure he has LOTS to drink)!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Scared, but Thankful

On Tuesday evening we ended up in the path of a tornado.....but we weren't at home. Davis had his kindergarten program at 6:30, so he had to be at the school around 6. While in route, we saw the dark sky up ahead and the sirens were going off.....but we were in the sunny area, so we weren't worried. When we arrived at the school, we were all to be in the middle hall because there was some bad weather on the way...still not that worried.

The tornado warning was cancelled and we were told that the adults could go to the cafeteria were the program would be, but the children were to remain in the hall. The kindergartners sat on their bottoms facing the wall without a single complaint.

Once we got settled in the cafeteria, the principal came in and told us that the warning had been reissued but as adults we could decide if we wanted to stay. I decided that I would take Hannah and Matt to the hall and I left Pete and my mom in the cafeteria.

Maybe 5 minutes later, Pete and Mom join us as they were told that there had been a tornado spotted and it was headed straight to the school. The teachers got the kids on their knees and we did the same....children against the wall and adults behind them. The PA came on and the principal told us to "take cover immediately"....the lights flickered, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees, a breeze blew through the hall. I was terrified, I am not even sure I was thinking anything. We heard the roar as the storm passed over was surreal.

The amazing part was that the kindergartners remained in the duck and cover position for at least 20 minutes....without tears or screams or complaints. This picture is at least 5 minutes after the storm passed over.

The teachers and principals were AMAZING....they took care of our kids like they were their own.

They were able to complete the program and we were sent on our way. Street closing were reported to us and we went home the back way. We found out later that less than a mile away from the school was one of the hardest hit areas.

We were all together.

Then I got worried, our house is not far from the school and in the path that the storm was traveling. When I finally got through to a neighbor, she said "we have a mess" heart was in my stomach. My neighbor went out and looked at our house and we were told that it appeared as though everything was okay. My neighborhood was spared any major damage....just lots of downed trees (none in our yard) with most of them falling away from the houses.

We WERE lucky and we ARE thankful!!!

This is all we ended up with....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Six Years

Six years ago right now I was on an operating table having what the doctor thought was a benign growth and swollen lymph node in my neck removed.

The afternoon started on a pretty jolly note....I remember joking with Pete as we waited to be taken back to the surgery. Dr. Jackson came in with his music for the surgery which he said he usually saves for nose was labeled "Booger Tunes".

The mood quickly changed when the doctor opened me up and found WAY more than he was expecting. How does he explain to the family of this 32 year-old mother of small children that her neck is FULL of cancer? He took a biopsy and it was sent to the lab for a quick freeze test and went on removing what everyone in the room feared was melanoma (which would not have been good). I have been told that the room was very solemn. Then the operating room phone rings, the nurse answers and cheers..."It's thyroid cancer" and there were many cheers!!!

Cheers? That may sound funny, but this cancer is 95% curable without chemo. My family was then told....actually they told Pete over the phone in the waiting room. Pete didn't hear the joy, only a fear so deep in his gut that he couldn't breathe.

The best part of being the patient is that all of this drama is going on while you are out....I awoke not knowing that I had endured a 7 hours surgery and that I was now a cancer patient.

Cancer sucks......but you can't dwell on it. Instead I like to remember the good that has come from it.

  • I survived and I continue to survive
  • I learned to live each day like it could be your last
  • I am surrounded by love from my family, friends, neighbors and perfect strangers
  • I have an excuse for being overweight - who can argue that I have thyroid issues
  • I can pull out the "C-Card" at family gatherings and trump everyone else - come on, I deserve it!!!

I can't let this day go by without thanking those who have been so instrumental in my complete HEALING.....

  • Mom - you always know exactly what I need without me asking.
  • Dad - you worrying about me everyday makes me feel safe.
  • Pete - without you I would have crumbled
  • Hannah - you are so strong and independent, just what we needed.
  • Davis - you were just a baby, but you gave me a reason to fight
  • Matt - you showed me that I wasn't broken afterall
  • Lisa - you are just always there and you make me feel normal
  • Woody - you keep me real

Today is a day to CELEBRATE, because without this day six years ago, I might not be here to celebrate TODAY.

Friday, May 16, 2008


**Update - Davis did race last night and did great!!! He is quite bruised but is walking pretty well with it now. The MX boot did help last night.....I guess I was right after all!!!**

Okay, I do not want to be one of those parents that know the ER staff by name....but I am afraid with my two boys that just might happen.

Today Davis was bit by the neighbor's dog and he has some puncture wounds on his calf and he is very sore. Our neighbor had invited him in her yard to look at a nest of baby bunnies. I guess their dog felt like they were his and didn't like Davis going to look at he went after him. My neighbor was right there and quickly put an end to the attack. This is an 11 year old dog that has never done this before. I think my neighbor is concerned because she has 4 small grandchildren that are over there all the time. They have been wonderful, we are very lucky to have such great neighbors ( I believe Davis will be getting a little present from them tomorrow).

Davis is okay, we decided not to take him to the ER because the cuts don't appear deep. It also causes him anxiety and it doesn't seem worth it. My biggest concern is that he isn't able to put any weight on that leg. We went to the store and stocked up on medical supplies and Advil.....but if he can't put any weight on it tomorrow we will head to the doctor.

I think we may need to up our medical spending account!!!! I am thankful though that we have avoided any serious injuries (can you hear the wood knocking?).

We are hoping he will be up for racing tomorrow....I told him that his boot will keep his leg from moving but I am not sure he believes me!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The New Matt

Matt went to the dentist today to get his final two cavities filled. Remember his little accident almost two weeks ago.....well he ended up having to get his front TWO teeth pulled because one was completely dislocated at the root and the other one was "tramatized" and needed to come out as well. He was a champ and never complained a bit.

Mommy didn't handle it so well, but I was not with him so he never saw it!!! He is actually excited about it and has his teeth under his pillow already in anticipation of the tooth fairy.

Pete and I were discussing how different he will look and Pete made a great point....he said "it's just the new Matt". Life moves on and I am sure I will get over it soon!!

I worked hard to get a picture and this is what I kept getting....

I ask him to just say cheese.....then he thought this view would be better

This was the best I could do.....I think he looks kinda cute..

I guess we better get used to the New will be a LONG time until we see teeth there again!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

We have a winner!!!!

We (okay - so by "we" I mean Dave - but I make one heck of a Motocross Mom) finally got to race Saturday, after being rained out the two previous weeks. We also got to pick up Dave's trophy from the Winter Series.....1st Place Baby!!!!

I could not be more proud of him and his Pit Crew (aka Daddy)

He is currently in 1st place in his class in the Moto Madness 2008 Series and we are looking forward to an even bigger trophy!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I remember as a kid asking my mom why there isn't a "Kid's Day"....she would always reply, "everyday is Kid's Day". I never really got that until I became a Mom myself!! I am blessed with the best mom!!! I could go on and on about all the wonderful ways she is great, but to sum it all up....

She makes me feel special and loved!!

Thanks deserve to have everyday as Mother's Day!! I love you!!

As to my own Mother's Day....I am so thankful that God entrusted my three beautiful children to me, what a wonderful gift!!!

Today we will celebrate all our family's moms at a dinner at my parent's house....the dads are doing all the work and we get to sit back and relax!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

A Wolf Story

Matt just started talking a couple of months ago, but he talks in full sentences now. He is our comedian and apparently our story teller. Last night when I got home from being out of town around 9, Matt was his usual Energizer Bunny Self.....he ran up to me and told me his lip was all better (he has managed to pull out all but 1 stitch). He then began to tell us a story of how a wolf had jumped up on the trampoline after coming from the woods and bit his lip. It was such a hoot that I ran and got the camera (sorry that the clip is a little is a digital camera, not a video camera), so he could retell the story. The story naturally changed a little bit, but was very funny....I guess not only did the wolf bite his lip, it also got his leg.

Enjoy......oh by the way, just trust us that he is saying might not be able to make it out.

Please excuse his mismatched pajamas and socks.....we just feel good that he is dressed!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

We interrupt the Yost's 2008 Camping Debut

This weekend was our debut "camping" trip up at the lake (Pete says we have to use the quotes since we don't rough it). We were a little later this year due to Davis' motocross racing. We went up Friday afternoon and had a great time on the boat with my parents. We enjoyed some dinner outside and my brother and his wife showed up for a little bit. We enjoyed a fire, some beverages and good family conversations.

Saturday was rainy, but we had fun playing games, a little Wii, more beverages and an awesome steak dinner (that we actually ate before dark - anyone that knows my parents would know that is really rare!!).

Little did we know that this little window sill would interrupt our camping trip....

The kids were playing in the bunk bed while Pete and I were trying to catch a few more winks on Sunday morning. We heard a thump....some crying....then Hannah yelling that "Matt is gushing blood"!! Wow, we sure can move fast when we need to. Matt split his lip open and off we went to the closest Urgent Care.....He actually smiled on the way there.

The Urgent Care doctor couldn't stitch it, so off to the ER we went. While there his lips were numbed and then he got 5 stitches. He was such a trooper....he never cried or whined once. They promised him a popsicle and he was all about that!!!

The doctor prescibed two antibotics to warn off the nasty staff infection that is going around. He also split his upper gum and his front tooth and lateral tooth are very loose and will likely come out on their own or will need to be pulled. Matt is actually very excited about loosing them since he knows the tooth fairy will bring money. It really hurts Mommy because I know it will be a really LONG time before the permanent teeth come in since he is only 4.

We have had a problem with him pulling at the stitches. Pete told him last night that if he pulled them out we would have to go back....Matt replied "that is okay....that was easy".

It is official.....the entire family has now had stitches!!! I am pretty sure this won't be the last!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

I wanted to give a quick shout out to my sweet baby.....Matt went to the dentist today to get two more cavities filled and we wanted him to do it without the "gas". He bravely sat there while they gave him the shot. Pete said that when they were done Matt said "Nanny.....that was easy".

Now if we could just get him to say his "d's".

Good job little man!!

It all must have tired him minute he was begging for something to eat....the next minute he was OUT....