Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I just wanted to pop in quickly and give a quick update.

I have been working now for a month and I couldn't be happier.  Sometimes you just need to be patient and God's plan will be revealed.  This opportunity has been exactly what I needed!!  The guys I work for are fabulous, but I am having to bring some organization to the group (and a woman's touch)!! 

Everyone seems to be falling into the new routine without any trouble.  Hunter is slowly adjusting to me being gone again.  My schedule allows me to take Hannah to the bus now (my last contract job started earlier and she had to catch a ride with our neighbor) and that means he gets to ride along.  He knows about when I should be home and Pete said he will sit in the front yard for hours waiting for me to get there.  I love that dog as much as he seems to love me :).

The Yost household is in "Supercross Countdown" mode...we have our tickets for the motocross race at the Georgia Dome on the 26th of this month.  There isn't anyone more excited than the other...even Hannah!!  Hopefully we can get down there a little early so she can some autographs (although her favorite is a West Coast rider and most likely won't be there).  Now that I am gainfully employed again, we are hoping to get back to riding and racing....oh how we have missed it!!!

Tomorrow my Aunt Marge and Uncle Pup from Colorado are coming to visit for a couple of days....we are excited to see them and looking forward to Saturday when we will all get to go to my parents' house to visit with them!!

The weather is starting to get nice....a couple of 60 degree days in February is fantastic!!!  I am sure we are not done with winter yet, but we will take this for now.  The boys are taking golf lessons (thanks to Lil' Pop) and they were able to show off what they have learned yesterday at the course Pete works at.  I know Pete is liking this weather for sure!!!

We are also gearing up for Matt's birthday...I can't believe he will be 7 on St. Patty's Day!!  He continues to provide both frustration and joy.  He told us the other day that "he just wasn't his normal self". 

I will try to get some updates with pictures of some of the activities we have been up...until then know that we are living the dream and remembering how things can change in a heartbeat.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Turkey Road Block

Hannah and I headed to Target yesterday afternoon for a quick shopping trip.

We cut through a quiet scenic neighborhood and we had to come to a complete stop as there was a large wild TURKEY in our way.  

He didn't seem the least bit concerned about us and came right up to our car as to check it out.  He was all by himself and seemed to enjoy blocking us from completing our task.

On our drive home we realized what he had been hanging around for....I guess the ladies were somewhere close and he must have been securing the area!!!  We drove around them this time with no trouble!!!

This silly turkey sure put some joy in my heart after a rough morning.