Thursday, August 27, 2009


Pete is almost done with his first week of work!!!

He LOVES it....I haven't seen him this happy in a really long time.

His day starts at 6:15am, but he is home by 3:10. He had today off, but he works from 6am to 10am on Saturday and Sunday.

Because Pete is gone before the kids catch the bus, that duty falls to me every day. Thankfully they have all been wonderful and Matt is getting on the bus with no tears. I asked him if he was ready for me to come have lunch with him without him crying or if he wanted me to wait a little longer....he said "maybe a little longer". At least he is honest with himself.

My interview last week seemed to go well. I was told that he (the hiring manager) wanted to see me again after he is done with the screening process. I really liked the company and the work. I am really hopeful that it works out and I can get back to work. Pete says that I have to do all the housework since he is working now (LOL - I am sure I brought that on myself)

I guess I better get to bed...that bus comes early!!! Thank you all for your prayers...I think the tide just might be turning!!!

p.s. Today is my nephew's 6th birthday....Happy Birthday Lou, Aunt Sally loves you so much!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Angel Whisper

Tonight was my first night of teaching my 5th grade PREP (CCD) class.

I'll admit that I was a little nervous and maybe a little weak (I gave blood right before class because I forgot to go earlier in the day).

Davis and I were getting the classroom ready...arranging the tables and chairs...getting the prayer table ready with a bible. I reached in the cabinet to get a bible because the one in the box is for younger children. I grabbed the one on the top.

I opened the front cover and saw the following inscription:

Presented to Transfiguration Catholic Church

By Sally Yost

For the Love of our Angel

Jake Yost

A couple of years ago (probably more than 6 years ago), the church asked for money for bibles for the kid's classrooms. I bought 3, one for Hannah, one for Davis and and one for our baby angel Jake (Matt wasn't here yet). I am sure there were hundreds purchased (there are at least 10 in the room I am in).
What a wonderful way to feel God's love and support!!!
Thank you Jake for the support...Mommy loves you always and forever!! Thanks to you the class was great!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Down

...and one to go!

Pete got a J*O*B today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He will be working as a grounds technician at a private golf club that is maybe 5 minutes from our house (and that is only because he has to drive through our whole subdivision (we are in the back) and then through the subdivision that houses the club.

He was so excited when he walked in the shop this morning and saw all the toys tools that he will get to work with.

He took his drug test today and they are running a background check. Once all of that comes back, he will get to start back to work after 6 years of being a stay-at-home dad. It is very entry-level, but he LOVES golf, LOVES landscaping and can't wait to get on that tractor!!!

We don't know his schedule yet, but I am sure it will work out!!

Some of our prayers seem to be hopefully tomorrow I do well at my interview!!

Congrats Pete!!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I am amazed how a little HOPE can lift your spirits and motivate you. It feels good to have some things go our way for a change.

Pete and I have had a great couple of days of "talking" instead of arguing. So wonderful!!

We were able to get Davis in with a children's orthopedist tomorrow afternoon with the doctor that specializes in shoulders. It is at the office that is closest to our house versus having to go downtown (the doctor rotates between the two offices). Our pediatrician gave a referral without us having to bring him in.

It looks like Pete has a pretty solid lead on a job at a golf course that is literally almost in our backyard (well across the street in our neighbor's backyard). We were talking to some neighbors who were walking their dog (the most beautiful Husky puppy) and he is in charge of the grounds at the course. It may only be a seasonal job, but Pete could get some experience that might help him land something more permanent or at least hold him until he can get something different. I don't usually like to post anything about his search because so much has fallen through, but I am just too thrilled to keep quiet. It isn't a guarantee....but it is HOPE.

I am doing my best to prepare for my interview on Thursday. I am taking a self-study course on the subject matter that the position is requiring that will count as CPE requirements for my CPA license (paid for by my last company - ha ha). I am also making sure I can tell the hiring manager about relevant experience that I have.

I also learned yesterday from our priest that I should be praying to St. Joseph directly for help with the job search. We have a statue of the Holy Family in our church foyer and Monsignor told me many months ago to pat the baby Jesus' bottom and ask the Holy Family for help. I have been patting that baby's bottom every time I walk in the foyer (sometimes more than once). Apparently that is only for PREGNANCY...Holy Cow, thank goodness that didn't come true!!! Instead, I am supposed to pat St. Joseph on the shoulder and ask for help. So last night and tonight, I gently patted him on the shoulder and asked for help. I held Davis up today and had him ask too (seriously, could St. Joseph ignore an innocent child?).

I know we have so many people praying for us and I feel it for sure!! Even if this position doesn't work out for me, I am thankful for the week of HOPE!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hard Week

I guess I should be thankful that it is Friday, but I think I am too exhausted to enjoy it.

It has been a week filled with Matt crying while getting on the bus, or at school because apparently we can't go visit him at lunch (as a reward for not crying that morning) without him experiencing separation anxiety. His teacher has asked us not to come to the school for a couple of weeks so he can get adjusted. I know she is right and she did it in a very compassionate way...but that doesn't mean I have to like it!! Matt is very tired by the time he gets home and has been awful.....throwing things, saying bad words and just generally being an ass (sorry Mom).

Davis is usually my easy angel....not so much this week. He has battled with me about homework and then decides he won't do it unless I am home and sit with him. Wednesday he had a meltdown at his friend's house when I told him it was time to go home. I had to chase him around the yard, physically drag him to the car with him kicking and screaming. He said he hated me. None of this is normal Davis behavior and was very hard for me to deal with. Fortunately he calmed down, apologized and hasn't displayed the behavior again.

Davis has been having issues with his left shoulder coming out of the socket for a little over a month now. It has been at the swimming pool each time it has happened and popped backed as soon as he would slightly move his arm. We have a friend that did a MRI on him last Saturday but we haven't received the results yet. Today while at his friend's house on the slip-n-slide (he was instructed to only do baseball slides so it wouldn't dislocate his shoulder), but he fell and he immediately started crying and I knew it happened again. I happen to be standing right next to him, I had him lift his arm but it didn't pop back in like before. I amazingly didn't freak out, I grabbed his arm gently and popped it back in place (makes me a little queasy now that it is over). We will be calling his doctor on Monday to get him in as soon as possible. I am not sure exactly what the problem is, but I hope it isn't serious.

The job stress is really doing a number on our marriage. Not easy to actually say it out loud, but it is the truth. I am praying that things turn around before too long. It is hard to understand why things aren't coming to fruition for either of us....we are trying so HARD!! I know we have so many people praying for us and I am trying to believe that He is listening.

I did get some good news this week....I have an interview next Thursday for a position that my BFF (Hi Amy) helped me get my foot in the door. It is a really good company and a great position. It has all happened really quick, I applied on Wednesday and got the call the next day. I know when I do get back to work, I am going to be a great employee because I will be so grateful!!!

I have a couple of updates that I will try to get up over the weekend. Religious education (CCD) starts for the kids this Sunday (Matt and Hannah) and Monday (Davis). I am also going to be teaching a 5th grade class on Monday evenings. I am actually very excited about looks like I have a really small class which will be great for this first-timer!!!

Hopefully next week will be better!!!

P.S. On a bright note...Hannah is LOVING middle school and it is truly a joy to see her practically glow.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Stinky Homecoming

We went camping this weekend (not the roughing-it-kind of camping) with my parents and sister. We only camp about 30 minutes away, so we aren't far. We had a GREAT time and look forward to Labor Day weekend when we go again!

When we walked in the door on Sunday, we were greeted with a TERRIBLE SMELL!!

Pete did the dishes before we left on Friday and there was nothing in the trash that smelled. He said he ran the disposal as well. The smell was definitely coming from the sink!!
I poured bleach, baking soda and anything else I could think of down the drain...but it still smelled like butt.

I ended up scrubbing the rubber drain thing and all inside the disposal. That finally did it.

I guess I have added a "to-do" before the next time we leave the house for a couple of days.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week 1

We are almost done with our first week of school for the new year.

Hannah is LOVING it!!!

Davis acts like he is an old pro.

Matt - he is doing well once we can get him on the bus, but is crying once he gets out of the car to get on the bus (talk about heartbreaking). I had to go to the school today to drop off some paperwork and accidentally ran into his class in the hallway...he immediately started crying. He is doing well otherwise and is even trying to not suck his thumb. He told me the first day that he only sucked his thumb at naptime and he covered his thumb with his blanket so no one would see.

They are all VERY tired by the end of the day!! I am tired of all the paperwork!!

Because I am terribly lazy, you can go here to see the pictures I uploaded to Facebook from their first day. You don't need an account to view the pictures.

Tomorrow we will be going camping with my parents and Lisa and her kids (they are borrowing Woody's camper). My Lou (my nephew Landon) goes to kindergarten on Monday, so I am glad we get to spend the weekend with him.

I think next year the school district needs to not start the year during a FULL MOON.....I have heard the kids have been a little crazier than normal.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


We have been to Meet and Greet for Davis and Matt.

We have been to Orientation and Walk-Through for Hannah at the Brand New Middle School

Hannah's fingernails and toenails are freshly painted

Her hair has been straightened by her friend's mom. Her clothes are ready.

School supplies are bags are filled....breakfast muffins are made.

They are ALL asleep.

Tomorrow is the first day of school....