Monday, December 21, 2009

Wieners and Santa

On Saturday, the 12th, we got a special visit from Santa who showed up with the Mountain Park Volunteer Fire Department. The firetruck and the ambulance showed up with sirens blaring. Matt was still a little scared but he was much better than last year. Grandma and Papa were able to be here and Matt felt safe in the back of Papa's truck with Papa at his side.

That Saturday was also the 10 year anniversary of my Grandma Havens' passing. I am especially reminded of my Grandma at Christmas because of the beautiful things she made us with Mr. and Mrs. Clause being my favorite.
When we would go to South Dakota to visit her (we lived in Denver and it was a 6 hour drive), we would always stop first at the Havens' house (we stayed at my other Grandma's house). We would walk into the kitchen and the first thing she would say was "You want a wiener?".
So on Saturday, we all had wieners for lunch....for you Grandma. We miss you terribly and I hope you are taking good care of my Jake.
**Sunday the 13th was the third anniversary of my Grandma Carr's passing. She is missed and I know she is up in Heaven enjoying seeing how well her family is doing here. She should be very proud of her kids and grandchildren!!**

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I don't like the odds

On Monday evening, Davis goes to PREP (religious education) and I teach a 5th grade class.

Fortunately my co-teacher is willing to do the carpool line so Davis and I can leave. One of my students is a cub scout and attends his meeting after class. We always take him upstairs and I make sure there is an official hand off. Last night, he needed to go to our new Family Life Center across the parking lot.

On our walk back, I put my hand down and Davis grabbed it without thought. I asked him if he was ever embarrassed of being with me.

He said "no". (insert a very happy mommy).

I then said ,"do you think you will be someday?"

He said "Probably"