Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas

Yes, we actually got a White Christmas, the first in like 100 years here in Georgia.

It has been fun, but I am WAY tired of washing and drying clothes.
Pete and his Dad.

We had a wonderful Christmas, celebrating with family and enjoying a visit from Santa!!  Pete and I were able to give our children a great Christmas again....even with all the job issues.  We are so grateful for our families, who made our Christmas so warm!!
Santa was good to the Yost Kids!!

Uncle Pete asking Lilah if Santa was coming

Noah trying on the Santa Hat

Morgan and Hannah
Pete's turn to open a present - the hat became a requirement

Words are not enough
I will help you Papa
Hopefully now that Christmas is over, some job opporunities will come through for me.  I am trying to enjoy the time I have to spend with the kids, but won't lie, I am really nervous about the money.  I am ready to be somewhere on a permanent basis and to start rebuilding our financial future. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tell me Good Night

Davis wrote what I suspect is his last letter to Santa in school yesterday.  This is what he wrote:

Dear Santa,

This year I'm in 3rd grade.  I have been a good boy.  I have had a great year.  How about you?  This year I am doing The Nutcracker.  I am going to work backstage in the show.

This year I want a Ripstick Scooter, a Nerf gun, and money.  That is all that I can think of for my Christmas list.  Thank you for my elf.  I've been taking good care of him.

I am excited about Christmas because it is Jesus' birthday.  I am excited for my presents.  I am very excited about the show.  I have your magic key on my front door.  Just come upstairs to my room, and tell me good night.


Oh sweet boy, I am sad that you will soon not hear the bells ringing.  I know it is coming, but I wish it could last just a little bit longer.  I am sure that Santa will not only tell you good night but will shower you with kisses!!