Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Motrin Anyone???

Today was the 6th time Pete and I walked/ran over 3 miles in our very hilly subdivision.

I hurt.

He hurts.

I made the mistake of asking Pete if I could cut the yard for more exercise (I have to ask because of an unfortunate event on Mother's Day a couple years ago - apparently the yard does not need to be scalped at that time).

I am regretting my was HOT and my hands are killing me!!

I hurt.

I need medicine!!!!


On a much brighter note,

Pete got a call this morning from the Sheriff's department with the news that he is being offered a conditional job offer - there will be psych tests, lie detector tests and a background investigation (none of which he is worried about - I am a little worried about the psych test).

There is still a hiring freeze, so we don't know when it will actually happen.

We are hopeful for a different, more immediate position that he is working on.

At least we are making some steps forward!!!


I still HURT!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Because I need to lighten the mood around here!!!

This is my dad from Christmas 2005. He got a new helmet for his motorcycle. I guess he felt like he needed to try it out.

(I didn't intend any disrespect to Special Education, my dad's name is Elwood and he goes by Ed by many people....and he really WAS quite special this night).


Tomorrow morning Pete goes for an interview with our county's sheriff's department.

I am not sure he has ever been on an interview for a "grown-up" job. I am sure he is nervous.

There is still a hiring freeze, but at least it is a step forward!!!

He also has something else brewing on the job front but I don't want to jinx it.


We have made it through day 4 on our new exercise program.

We are actually walking over 3 miles each day and it feels GREAT!!!!

Hopefully we can figure out how to get day 5 in tomorrow with a very busy day in store for us all.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A day late

We didn't exercise yesterday, but sure enough we got up at 7:30 on a SATURDAY to go get our walk/run today. Hannah spent the night at her friend's, so we had to have the boys come along.

The boys rode their bikes....gave us at least 5 heart attacks because they couldn't stay on the right side of the road.

I figure if we can overcome the obstacle of "what to do with the kids" we are really SERIOUS about this!!!

We are off to a double header softball game for Hannah and then we are off to the RACES!!! We haven't been racing in so long and we really miss our racing friends!!!

I guess I better jump in the shower before I have to hear Pete say that I am making everybody late (we all know I would never cause that...on purpose that is).

I hope you all have a great weekend....we are enjoying some beautiful weather here. We even had to turn on the A/C yesterday!!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thank Heaven for Little Boys????

I had a plan to brag about a visit by the First Lady of Georgia to Matt's school yesterday. What an awesome experience for my little guy!! He is not in the picture below, but the school has some pictures where you can see him.
My plans changed as soon as I came back from the store this afternoon.
I hear Matt crying as I get out of the car and he suddenly appears from the back yard
COVERED in mud from head to toe!!!
I guess he fell in the mud puddle he and his brother had MADE!!
My first thought was "I need a picture of this", but I could hear my mom say "oh Sally, that would be so mean." So I helped him get undressed (in the garage) and while he took a shower with his dad, I rinsed out his clothes.
As we were sitting down for dinner I looked out at the backyard and was seriously pissed off to see that it was a disaster and there were things out there that didn't belong outside. I told the boys to go clean it up....which they actually did...for about 5 minutes.
Davis came running up with Matt in tow and said that "a snake was right on his foot and could have bit him". There was no way they were going back out there.
I finally had to turn the tv off when Dave wouldn't go take a shower (after replacing EVERY cushion on the couch and loveseat that they had removed). Of course Matt had to join him. While they were taking a SHOWER, I went and cleaned up the backyard because a storm was on its way. When I got back in they were no longer taking a shower, but a bath.
They had poured out all of the shampoo again and also squeezed out my conditioner that I just bought this afternoon. I thought my head was going to explode!!!
Hopefully by tomorrow I will allow Davis to speak to me again!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Every Journey Starts with the First Step

We have a bird nest on our porch with 5 (I think) little baby birds in it.

Two mornings ago, Pete and I happen to look out the front window and this is what we saw....

One of the baby birds standing on the edge of the nest.

Testing his wings.

He sat there for awhile with his mom and dad trying to encourage him to go ahead and try it.

We watched this little bird contemplate taking his first flight and we cheered for him too!!!

"Come on little can do it"

And then....


He flew to the ceiling fan on the other side of our porch.

Right after I snapped this picture through our dining room window, he took off and landed under my neighbor's porch with his mommy and daddy is hot pursuit!!!!

Oh how I wished I could have caught it on video, but it is something that I will never forget!!

Pete and I have decided to take that leap too and do something for our health.

Today was day one for our new exercise program.

We walked and ran throughout our neighborhood (which is filled with lots of hills) this morning for about 40 minutes. It felt great!!!!

Pete is also addressing his elevated blood pressure, which is a relief for me (and his Mom as well)!! He is monitoring it and has started to take Hawthorne Berries to try to bring it down. The exercise and change in diet should help as well!!

We are taking OUR first step to a healthier life!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Too Close for Comfort

This storm hit about a half of mile from our house....

Storm down the street from us!!

We did rush down to the basement for about 15-20 minutes last night....Davis never even woke up!

We are thankful that this storm passed right over us!!

Counting our Blessings today!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mad Love

I am totally in love with my dog...

I think he totally rocks!!!

We took him to my friend's new Dog Spa, for a complimentary bath on Thursday.

LizBeth took such great care of my "stud muffin" (LizBeth's words...not mine)

He looks so clean, smells great and thanks to the "furminator" he isn't shedding!!!

It is official...Hunter is my favorite (shhhhh...don't tell all those stinky, banned from the bathtub due to shampoo abuse, little human boys of mine!!!!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not Bubble Bath

Anybody out there know how to get it through my boys' thick heads that


At least I have finally trained them to leave my conditioner alone
Probably because it doesn't make bubbles!!!!

**I have had to edit this post because of a huge pet peeve of mine...I wrote "no" instead of "know". I wonder how much I had to drink before I posted this??? I also corrected the "think" heads to the appropriate word**

Monday, April 13, 2009

A New Day

We went camping over the weekend (which I will write a post later about) and celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus with my whole family.

It was easy to forget all the "crap" I have to deal with at home.

So, yesterday when it was time to pack up, I started feeling very mad and sad because I knew it would come rushing in once I walked through the door.

And I was right.....

But today I have renewed HOPE. I continue to be amazed at how our family and friends are supporting us through our rough patch. I am honestly humbled by it all!!

I was very tired yesterday and not feeling great (damn pollen is kicking my butt) and I started to get discouraged.

I made the decision to pick myself up...dust off...and keep moving. The right thing WILL come along, I WILL figure out the health care stuff for my kids and we WILL be okay!!!!

I had a video phone call (pretty cool actually) today with a recruiter in California for a position here that sounds very promising and I meet with another recruiter tomorrow. One of my recruiters I have worked with for years called today with a possible job. So things are happening.

Pete went for his sheriff's deputy testing and passed with flying colors (he got a 93.5% on the written part...go Pete). There is still a hiring freeze, but hopefully it will be lifted soon and they can hire some people. He will find out this week when he will be going for all the psychological testing (which he could fail LOL) and for an interview.

I have been slack in updating my blog, so I plan this week to get caught up....I have kindergarten registration, continuation of my baking spree, a trailer vent experience, and a wonderful hail storm to share with y'all...and of course some Easter egg adventures!!!

Here is one of my favorite pictures from over the weekend....this is Davis holding my niece (I know she isn't looking but I love the look on Dave's face).

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some forward movement

Right now Pete is testing at another county for a sheriff deputy position.

We haven't heard anything on the other county position, they are still in the background check process.

I know this process will be just as slow, but at least we are taking at least a small step forward!!

I am keeping Faith that our better is just around the corner!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hoping for Better

Overall I am a pretty positive person...
A half-full kind of person.
But right now I am in a terrible funk.
I am just hoping for better....whatever form it comes in!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A surprise compliment

Almost 5 years ago I bought a small embroidery machine. It was supposed to be a stress reliever (although I didn't expect to have to pull out so many stitches). I love making gifts for people and for making special things for my kids. I don't have a great deal of capabilities with the machine, but it works for me.

I am my worst critic...I am really never satisfied with how things come out. I know others don't see the flaws, but they stand out like a sore thumb to me.

Tonight I was showing my friend (who brought us dinner...thanks A) some towels that I am embroidering for another friend (Amy...they look good, I think you will be happy). I went to grab the towel I had monogrammed for our bathroom and I heard my husband say...

"She really does nice work doesn't she?"

Thank you Pete....I really needed that simple compliment!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where does time go???

Tomorrow Pete and I will register our last child for kindergarten!

How can this be? Wasn't it just yesterday that we got the surprise of a lifetime and found out that in less than 5 months we would be having our 3rd child?

The really neat thing that Pete pointed out this morning....

All three of our children were born in the same hospital, by the same doctor and they will all start kindergarten at the same school. Both Hannah and Davis had the same para pro....wonder if Matt will get Mrs. Blake too?

I know it will be 4 months until my BABY walks up those steps of the bus....but I can't help but feel a little sad today. Although it is a first for Matty, it is another last for us.