Thursday, February 26, 2009


I was very excited to hear today that one of my favorite cousins is having a baby, her first. Sue is my age...actually she is older, but we have always been close. When I would visit her in South Dakota, we used to have the BEST time!! I am SO happy for her!!!

As I was reminiscing to Pete about some childhood memories involving Sue, I happen to mention a particular memory about a red, white and blue dress that my cousins made me wear in a "beauty pageant" at a family event. YES...I really am scarred because of that FLAG dress....years of therapy believe me!!!

Anyway, I also mentioned to Pete that my younger cousin got all the attention (in my mind) because she was little and cute (she is several years younger and now as an adult I know the younger the child the cuter they are).

Pete says..."One thing I hate about women is that they can never admit when another woman is pretty".

That is SO not long as your man never dated her. I know all of Pete's "former's" were fat, ugly and trashy....and most likely still are!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009


This is our new favorite commercial (we know it is our favorite because we have stopped the DVR when we see it...rewind it and watch it again).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The day has finally arrived!!!

This motocross family is headed down to the Georgia Dome to watch the Supercross!!

It is really the Holy Grail for MX fans. The series is broadcast on CBS on Sunday afternoons and we have every one in the series on DVR. I am thinking that Dave watches each race about 100 times!!

We were disappointed that KTM ended their half time challenge for 7-9 year old racers. We had Dave's credentials all lined up...including recommendations from his teachers and his Citizenship Award. We really hoped he would be picked to ride out on the Supercross track (it was done at each race and you didn't know which one you would get picked for). I have heard that now KTM is sponsoring some kind of Freestyle half time show...which I know my kids will like even more!! I think the adults enjoyed the little 50cc bikes out on the track way more than the kids. We have several racing friends that participated and they said they were treated like royalty.

We also expect to see some "protests" of the new law that went into effect regarding lead in the youth dirt bikes and ATV's. I don't understand all that is going on, but I guess the government is afraid that our kids are going to eat parts of their bike and that would be dangerous.....

Our racing friend wrote a great blog that explains the issue.....

As the racing mom of two racers....I hope this law is changed as it greatly effects the sport that we have invested a lot of time and money in. I am also very concerned for all the vendors that will lose large amounts of money because they can't sell the bikes or replacement parts.

I am so excited about today...we will be leaving around 2 to hopefully catch some practice before the racing starts. My concern now is what will we use for a behavior modification tool after tonight....we have been threatening to not let them go to the Supercross if they don't behave!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ahhhhh...we are home. We had a nice trip home until about the last hour. The weather got really bad and we got pummeled by hail. I haven't had the heart to go look at the car yet. The kids were really good and they are all fast asleep in their own beds.

Hunter was VERY excited to see us and ran around like crazy. He is now sleeping as well. We had two neighborhood kids pet sit for us and they did a GREAT job! I missed him like crazy!! The kids were very worried that the storms would scare him....I am not even sure he noticed!!

Mom - you would be so proud of bags (and Matt's since we shared a bag) are unpacked and the laundry is done (folded and put away even).

Tomorrow I will hit the job hunt hard!! I found out today that I didn't get the job with the county either.....rejection really bites!!!!! I am sure there is something out there for me....I just have to have FAITH.

I guess it is time for me to hit the my own bed!!! We still have two days out of school for "winter break" and then we are heading to the Supercross at the Georgia Dome on Saturday!!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lesson Learned

Today Pete and I took the boys to check out "Gatorback MX park" (in Gainesville, FL)....I don't think the boys were as excited about this HUGE dirt bike track as Daddy was!! I was pretty impressed with the size and it is neat to see a track you have heard so much about. Matt just kept saying that he was too scared to ride on this track.

We were close to the mall and I had a coupon for Belk's and a gift card. I needed something to wear for my niece's confirmation next week. I found a great red sweater that will look nice, but I needed to spend a little more in order to use my $10 off coupon. The boys were dying to ride the escalator so we took a short trip up to get it over with. I realized when we got up there that this is where the lingerie is. I really needed a new bra......

This is where my lapse in judgement came into play....

Note to self...DO NOT TAKE 3 BOYS WITH YOU BRA SHOPPING!!!! I say 3 because Pete was just as bad as the boys. They snickered and poked and Matt announced several times his "love" of bras. Pete followed me into the dressing room....Matt looked under the stall thing. Seriously, do they ever grow up?

I am sure you can picture their delight when I decided to put the bra on in the car (my brother can tell you that I rarely make it home from a store without opening something). I am pretty sure all girls know how to put on a bra without taking off your shirt (an art really)....well that is what I did. I tried to fix my shirt after I got it on and it seemed to be stuck on something. I looked down and realize that I had put it on OVER the seat belt. Pete said I would have driven some emergency worker crazy if we had gotten into an accident and they would wonder how in the hell my bra got wrapped around the seat belt!!!

Sometimes I scare myself!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Frequent Visit Points??

I don't think my children should be on first name basis with the school nurse...and vice versa.

My kids go to the clinic like they go to the bathroom.

What is up with the it just easier to let them go to the nurse instead of redirect them?

In the last 5 school days, we have received a call from the nurse on 3 of those days. We are used to Hannah going to the nurse (the nurse has given her Chapstik and mints), but 2 of those days have been for Davis. Granted, one day Davis was sent by his teacher for possible pink eye.

At least the nurse will have a break from the Yost kids for a week....winter break is next week. We are going to take a couple days and visit Pete's mom in Florida. I think we all need a break!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I think I hate candy...

I don't mean I hate to eat candy....I am just tired of beating punishing my children for taking TOO much candy.

I think I need a serious drink....I just helped Davis and Matt with their Valentine cards.

Amazingly we had enough candy to put with each card.

I have also determined that I am way too much of a perfectionist and it was everything I could do to not re-write the names.

The boys did "allow" me to put the candy on the card (I am not sure my heart could've taken watching them stuff pixie stixs in the heart and add the arrow on the end)

I wonder if they will sleep tonight?????

Monday, February 9, 2009


It was BEAUTIFUL here in Georgia today....over 70 degrees and the sun was shining.

We also received a wonderful bit of sunshine in the mail from two people that are very special to me. I will be thanking them properly, but I wanted them to know now what they did for me made me smile (and maybe shed a couple of happy tears - I am my father's daughter).

Feeling loved and cared for is truly priceless!!

Thank know who you are!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blessed Be Your Name

Today Pete blessed me by going to mass with us. It isn't about the actual service, it is about him joining me!! I so enjoyed having him with us and I hope he will come again soon.

They sang this song during Communion and I really liked it.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Now I know

Today Pete and I were getting gas on a BEAUTIFUL winter day in Georgia with Davis. The temp is close to the 60's and is a nice change from what we had earlier this week.

Pete was in a short sleeve shirt and really enjoying being outside.

Dave says to me..."Now I know why Daddy stays warm on his shoulders and arms"

I said "really, why is that?"

Davis -"Because of his fur"

Thank God gave me these kids....they keep me laughing for sure!!!!

**For the record, Pete isn't that hairy....and that is NOT him or his mullet in the picture**

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It is working

Hunter is doing great with the underground fence. His favorite ball is right by the flags and he won't even try to get it!!!

He won't even go near the flags....we were hoping he would use a little more of the area that he has available to him.

He did go through the fence a couple times today in a sprint to get the baseball Pete was throwing the kids (which sort of melted my heart).
Hunter LOVES being outside and I LOVE him getting some of that teen pup energy out!!

Road Rash

Yesterday I was waiting for Davis to come home from the bus. I was concerned that maybe it was too cold to walk (we are a little over 1/2 mile from the bus stop)...Pete convinced me that he would be fine. I got a call a couple minutes later from my neighbor who said that Dave fell while running home and was crying. Anyone that knows Davis knows that he is not much of a "cryer" and is quite quiet when he does cry. When I got to my neighbor's house, Dave came out of her house crying pretty hard and his face looked a little rough.

This morning it looked even worse (I know the picture doesn't do it justice)!! Pete told him that he needed to tell people that he crashed on his dirt bike preparing for the Supercross at the dome instead of telling the truth that he had simply stepped on his shoelace (must be a guy thing...I think he told me to tell people I had been in fight to explain the scar on my neck instead of just having cancer removed).

My sweet angel boy said "No, I can't do that because I already told my teacher that Supercross wasn't until the end of the month". Pete tried to convince him to say he was practicing...but Davis would have nothing to do with it!!

I guess it doesn't bother him one bit that he tripped on his own shoelaces. That is a boy after my own heart....road rash and all!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Heart Notes

I bought some candy hearts today for me the kids. They are actually Smarties that are called Heart Notes. I had to pick up Hannah today from News Team at school and I gave her a roll of the candy. Her first one said "Sweet Thing" and then suddenly on the radio we heard "Sweet Thing" by Keith Urban (I think). So we started talking about some of the other "Dream On" and "Awesome". Hannah looked through her hearts and says "this one says Homey"

I did think that was a little strange, but I was reminded of this picture taken almost 5 years ago when we taught Davis to cross his arms with a hat on and say "Was sup Homes".

Please note that I think his shorts are on backwards (and why was he wearing shorts, flip flops and no shirt in April)....Matt was a newborn so I must have been a little out of it!!

Then Hannah said...." says HONEY". least there are some things that are sacred!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shouldn't be funny....

I am a huge softy for any person or animal....disciplinarian I am not!!! It literally HURTS for me to watch a child in time out....I won't even tell you how I feel when a child gets a spanking!!! I am not against either and do use both methods for my children.

I took Hunter out on a leash to train him on the electric fence this morning. The prongs weren't long enough and I didn't have it fit quite he walked right past the flags. I put the longer prongs on and tightened the collar. He walked by the flag and got quite a shock. Oh...the first couple of times my heart ached!!!! Then, I realized it was working and he was starting to recognize the beep and the shock.

A couple of minutes ago I let him out without the leash and I guess he forgot about the beep...and the "correction static". Boy did he jump and head back when he crossed the flag......and I LAUGHED.

It should not be funny!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Good Day

Today has been a big improvement from last week.

I didn't sleep until 10....actually stayed awake after I took Matt to school.

Pete and I were able to get the underground fence for the dog buried and set up. Wow, I bet I will be sore tomorrow!! That was hard work and we had to do it in the rain. would be so proud of me because I didn't leave the yard until it was COMPLETELY done (I have a little bit of an attention disorder). I wanted to go in...take a little break...but I plugged away and I made it!!!!

Now we just have to train the dog to stay inside the "fence" (Matt is completely confused because all he sees is the flags...he said "that is not a fence Mommy"). We will start that tomorrow if the weather is better (it has rained all day). I think he will do well with it and I know I will like him getting some exercise OUTSIDE!! I have to hide that stupid ball most of the day!!

I got a call from one of my recruiters with a possible position. He asked if he could send my resume and I said "YES" (hopefully I didn't sound too desperate). Within about 30 minutes, he called back and said they wanted to interview me. I have an interview on Wednesday at 10:30.

I also got a call from another one of my recruiters with a possible contract job. It would be a temporary job through August. I have struggled with what I should do because I need a job, but I am not great with temporary situations (work or life). The other job possibility came after this maybe that is my answer. I haven't turned it down...just still thinking about it.

Thank you for holding me up last week....