Friday, August 29, 2008

What are the chances...

I am holed up in my "room" at a hotel where I am having a slumber party for Hannah.
Great clean little brothers bothering them.
Only thing I didn't count on...
A group of 11 year old boys from Orlando here for a soccer tournament!!!

God help me!!

They were discussing who was cute.....girls will be girls!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Giving Back

Through all my 7 surgeries, I have never had to receive blood - for which I am very grateful.

I was able to finally give back two days ago when I donated blood for the first time in many years (I have been either pregnant, nursing or had cancer)!!!

It was wonderful....easy....and well worth it!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Simple Things

Sometimes it the simplest of things that makes your heart melt....

From my boys.!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

He is listening

I know God heard me because Davis has been great tonight!!

I was reminded tonight why we have to get through the rough days.....this was the conversation we had tonight while Davis was reading to us (parenting points for us!!).

D: "Pam ran so fast" (you have to imagine it read in a 1st grade manner)

D: "I always laugh when I see that word and imagine what it says when there isn't a 'S'" (he pointed to the word 'fast').

D: "Sometimes I laugh when I see a fat person"

Mom: "Davis, it isn't nice to laugh at fat people"

D: "I laugh in my head"

Morning Prayer

Dear God,

I hope I have thanked you enough in the last 7 years for letting us have Davis....he really did save me.

What I need now is some (okay A LOT) of patience to deal with the horns my Angel Boy has grown.

I know he doesn't mean it when he said he wanted me to die so that he could make his own rules.

I know he is grateful (somewhere deep inside) for the money and time we spend on motocross for him.

I know he wants to do what we tell him to do, when we tell him to.

I know he can do his homework without complaints!!

Please help me to remember that this most likely just a phase that he will grow out of.

Can you help me to remember to buy shorts that button (not elastic) and shirts that don't "bother" his neck?

I know these issues are really small in the whole scheme of things and I am really thankful for the continued good health of all my kids. It is just that right now I am struggling and I would really appreciate your help and guidance.

Thank you...I love you!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


On May 20th a hailstorm went through our neighborhood and caused a lot of roof damage. Most everyone got their insurance check and upgraded to 30 year shingles (they look much better than the 3 tab shingles). I didn't know a thing about roofs a couple months ago, but now I can't drive down a street without checking out everyone's roof.

Across the street, these two homes are sporting new upgraded roofs.

Two doors away, they are getting the same roof as we got.

We are LOVING our new roof!!!!! The picture really doesn't do it justice.

I round the corner after work tonight to see the new roof going on across the only thought was


I know I am a bit of a roof snob now, but what in the hell were they thinking with that color? 3-tab???? I doubt you can see the true ugliness of this roof in the picture, but you know it is bad when my 7 year old says "wow, that is really ugly". I can't believe they paid for that!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


I am sure I will feel better when I share my sinful actions from yesterday....

  1. Yesterday was the 1st day of religious education for Matt during mass and I just couldn't seem to drag myself out of bed to get him there!! Hopefully my mom won't think I am terrible!!! I had plans on going...early even to meet his teachers and sign whatever needed to be signed. I will repent and make sure I get the other two kids to their first class tomorrow evening (I will even go to the parent meeting during their class). I WILL take him next week....I promise (even though I am concerned because my parents still won't be back to save me a seat - guess I will have to be on time).
  2. Yesterday there was a birthday pool party for one of Davis' classmates. Pete had met the mom at the open house last week and said "she is kind of a MILF" (translation for Mom - he thought she was hot). My second sinful action yesterday was the fact that I wanted to go to this party just to see what he was talking about. For the record...she is a lovely lady, very pretty. However, I quickly discovered that I don't think my husband even saw her face....I am sure you know what caught his eye. When I called him out on this he said "of course I didn't see her face". My response...."you know they're fake"!!

I will say 10 Hail Mary's (if I can remember it all).....

Thursday, August 14, 2008


All my years of sewing and embroidery work has finally paid off....I removed Davis' stitches tonight!!!

I don't think pulling thread out of my son's head should be that fun....but it was!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Catch Up

I am in Orlando tonight for business so I thought I would try to update the montage for Matt and the 1st day of school.

We really enjoyed Matt's 1st race....I can't believe how quickly he is growing up!! He will also play baseball this fall for the 1st time (and Davis will play as well).

I was very unhappy with my camera on the 1st day of wouldn't flash when it should have (I am sure it is not user error!!). Pete took some pictures when they got home from school, but they were sweaty and spent for the day. They are enjoying school and we are all getting used to the early morning routine. We love that our bus comes at 6:53 instead of 6:37 like prior years. I am sorry for the quality of the pictures!! I will be thinking of them all tomorrow as I get to catch a couple extra winks while I am out of town!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

We usually race every Saturday night, but we made the decision to not race last night to save money and to make Davis understand it is not his God given right to race (can you tell he has developed an attitude?). So we were just hanging out at home and relaxing a bit. Davis came in crying and we could tell from the cry that he was most likely hurt....sure enough he was bleeding!!! He had a cut over his eyebrow and off we went to the urgent care!!
He wasn't too pleased to be going to the doctor!!!
They put numbing cream on it under the bandage.
The doctor stitched him up...
He said it didn't hurt and I looked down at his feet and he kept curling his toes up.

He kept his head like this for a little bit after the doctor was done....I guess it felt funny.
3 stitches later and a good nights sleep and he is doing just fine!!!

Who would have guessed it was safer to be racing dirt bikes than staying at home!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sometimes a negative is a positive!!

The following is a direct quote from my doctor that I received in the mail today...
"Thyroid scan and thyroglobulin - NEGATIVE for cancer (Good News)"
I AM CANCER-FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Praise God!!!


What a it really only Thursday? I need to get pictures downloaded from the camera, complete Matt's montage of his first race, continue planning Hannah's slumber party and meet some serious deadlines at work.

What we did this far!!
  • 1st day of school - took pictures, accidentally erased them on the way to the bus. Everyone did well and enjoyed their 1st day (I will post pictures soon *I hope*).
  • 2nd day of school - not as good as the first, but everyone went without any problems.
  • 3rd day of school - Hannah did great, Dave said school was "stupid" and Matt grabbed my leg in a death grip as I tried to leave him.
  • 4th day of school - Hannah did great again, Dave wouldn't get dressed unless I agreed to take him to his friend's bus stop (but of course I had to drop Hannah off at our usual stop), and Matt pitched a fit that his shorts were too big and he simply couldn't wear them (we changed them at school to his "spare" shorts - in the boy's bathroom where I had to sit on the floor to put his shoes back on *gross*).
  • The downstairs A/C wasn't cooling starting on Sunday - we could see it was frozen up. We defrosted overnight, it worked for a little bit on Monday and froze again. Kept it off all day on Tuesday to defrost again, worked okay that night. By the morning on Wednesday it wasn't working again. Serviceman came out, found that a coil was completely clogged with PET HAIR!! We haven't had a pet since November, so I am guessing the thing hasn't been working well all summer!! Well worth the $170 for cool air!!
  • The dumpster company finally came and picked up the roofing dumpster, so now I can take a picture of the finished roof (but I haven't done it yet). We really love the roof.
  • Our neighborhood roads are being resurfaced this week so all the streets are torn up....there are new roofs going on everywhere-it just feels BUSY in the neighborhood.
  • I talked Hannah into having her birthday party after school started and I needed to make good on that promise. I booked a hotel suite and have been searching for games/activities for the girls to do while we are there. We will be giving the girls a "travel bag" filled with travel stuff and because I hate to make things easy for myself, I will be embroidering the girl's initials on a washcloth that will go in the bag. The invites are cute though -"What happens at my party.....Stays at my party".

Pete has been enjoying his new free time and is getting some things done around the house (although he did take Monday as a "holiday"). I don't want to say much, but he has applied for a part-time job close to the house. Please pray that things work with our needs as it will certainly help with all of the extra stuff we need to pay for the kids.

Hopefully I will get the camera unloaded and finish Matt's montage in the next day or so.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

And then there were two...

Matt raced in his first motocross race last night!! I wasn't sure it was going to happen, but it did. He didn't want to "race", he said he wanted to just "ride". We sort of failed to tell him that he was "riding" in a "race".

He was so cute out there and had a great time!! I am working on a montage, but I am about beat (school starts tomorrow). I will leave you with a couple of pictures and video of him after the race was over.

He placed 2nd overall (out of 3 racers)