Thursday, October 30, 2008

Game On

Good One!!!


**You know who I am talking to!!!**

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As I was going through Davis' book bag on Thursday night, I found a note folded and stapled with "For the Parents of Davis Yost" on the front. I knew it wouldn't be good!!!

Davis had failed his eye exam at school.

What?? I am pretty sure I yelled "bullshit", but kept the cursing to that since my in-laws were here (the kids were all in bed).

The next morning as we were getting ready for school, I asked Davis if he is having a hard time seeing. We had not noticed anything and I was really surprised that his eyesight would go bad and we would not notice (especially with him playing baseball and racing motocross). My family's vision is not great and I wouldn't be surprised if one if not all of my kids eventually need glasses.

Dave's response - "Mommy, those words were really hard and I didn't know what they were".

Hannah's sisterly response - "They're not words, Davis...just letters".

We asked for him to be retested and guess what...

The nurse apologized and thanked us for bringing it to her attention. I guess they have PTA volunteers that test the kids and the one testing Davis didn't think that he would try to "read" the board assuming they are words. He is only in 1st grade.....

At least we saved a trip to the doctor!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not Spoiled At All

No way does the dog zap any free time I may have!!!!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Heavy but not Fat

The thought of getting in front of someone else and reciting something that I am pretty sure I don't know by heart is terrifying. But for the group of 4th graders I "listened" to last night, there was NO fear!!! Each grade level has a specific prayer they are supposed to learn and the child will earn a certificate for remembering the entire prayer (seriously that would not be enough incentive for me). This isn't bad when you are talking about the Hail Mary, Our Father or the sign of the cross (and surprisingly the Act of Contrition). The fourth graders are required to learn the Apostle's Creed which is very similar to the Nicene Creed that is actually said during mass. Boy was I glad that I had a cheat sheet in front of me because there is no way I would have been able to get it all right!!!! None of the kids were able to recite the Apostle's Creed, but every kid came out and tried a prayer. There didn't seem to be any nerves or anything......I think I was more nervous!!!

On the way home, I had a very interesting conversation with Hannah and Davis. We got to talking about the importance of not making fun of people because it can really hurt them and they may have troubles forever because of it. We were specifically discussing weight and how people know if they are heavy or skinny. I said " I know I am heavy, but the only person that can change that is me and it would be very hurtful if someone teased me about it".

Davis said "You are heavy but not fat....lots of moms have way bigger butts than you".

Always looking on the bright side Little sure made this Momma's day much better!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Everything has been relatively calm in the Yost house. We are enjoying having Hunter with us and I think he is enjoying it with us. He loves to wake the kids up in the morning and then go with me to take the kids to the bus. I took him last night to pick Hannah up from the boy's baseball practice and he got worked up about an old Mustang that was next to us at a light.....or maybe it was the creepy guy driving it!!!

There was a great deal of time spent this weekend trying to change out some bearings in the swing arm axle on Davis' dirt bike (no - I don't really know what I am talking about, but it sounds like I do huh?). The bolt had to be cut just to remove it from the bike, then the "sleeve" was damaged and had to be replaced. Pete and his BFF worked for several hours on Friday to try to get the bearings out without any success. After Matt's game on Saturday, we took the sleeve to the KTM shop for them to get the bearings out. It took them over an hour. I took Davis to his baseball game so Pete could get the bike put back together. This all worked out well because I was concerned about leaving Hunter home that long by himself (it also saved me money because I didn't have to keep shelling out $ for the concession stand for Hannah)!!!

We went to the races Saturday night and had a good time. Matt rode like a madman and got 1st place in the little PW class (ok - he was the only rider but he was flying). Davis.....not so great. He just wasn't on his game. I know Pete was frustrated because he had spent so much time on the bike and Davis was somewhat distracted (maybe it was the knowledge of the new 65cc Pete bought him on Friday that had his mind elsewhere). We have only 1 race left in this season, and it is a close race with his friend Hunter for 1st place in the oil inject. Davis should win 1st on his bigger bike as long as he makes it out to the race!!

Tonight I am going to be a "prayer listener" at the church during Hannah and Dave's CCD time track. Each grade level is focused on a particular Catholic prayer that if they are able to say the prayer for the prayer listener they will get a certificate. Thankfully we will have a copy of the prayers!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

48 Hours

Hunter is such a wonderful addition to our family. He is such a smart dog and seems to have made his place quickly in the household!!!

He has been with us for almost 48 hours and has been such a great dog. I bet he is exhausted, he moves every time anyone in the house moves!!!

He is potty trained....doesn't beg for food....allows anyone to take his toy.....doesn't dart out the door when left open...and hardly barks.

Nothing seems to unnerve him....he even sat in the garage with Pete yesterday as he pounded on an axle on the dirtbike without even a flinch.

Tomorrow will be the first time he is at home for some time while we are at baseball and racing. We have only 2 races left in the playoff season for racing. Davis is head to head with his friend and we are really hoping he can do well this weekend.

I will post more pictures of our big guy soon. I wish I had the camera with me this morning when I let Hunter come with me to take Matt to school. He was a little confused with the windshield wipers and kept trying to "catch" it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The Yost Family would like to announce the adoption of

He is a 1 year old German Shepherd mix that we adopted tonight from a rescue group. He is the sweetest thing and we are so happy to have him. He is very calm, enjoys playing with balls (Pete has had to hide the baseballs) and he has hardly made a sound.

Welcome to your forever home Hunter...we look forward to many years of love and happiness together!!


Davis and I went shopping on Saturday morning for groceries. When Davis is in the car....he talks and talks and talks (Grandma can confirm that)!!!

It was very windy.

Davis asked "how can the trees move like that?"

I said the wind was blowing them.

He said "I think the trees think the wind sounds like music so they are dancing."

Well said my man!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I was not blessed with the best is a family trait. However, I am so thankful for what I can see!!

11 years ago today I had my second surgery ever (the 1st being 12 weeks prior for the birth of Hannah via c-section) for a detached retina.

I had gone to the eye doctor on Monday the 13th after a terrible weekend in which my boss (and friend) had delivered her stillborn daughter and I wasn't getting much work done and I thought my vision had changed due to pregnancy. I had discovered over the weekend that I had a blind spot in my left eye (I could only explain that it was like someone had their finger in the corner of my eye).

As I was being assessed by the nurse, I asked what the possible causes of this could be. She said it could be anything from a hernia to a detached retina.

After a long wait (there had been another emergency in the office), the doctor took a look in my eye and turned to his nurse and said "Get Dr. Frank on the phone now". I asked if it was bad....he said "it can be, you will have surgery either tonight or in the morning".

What?? Holy Cow, what do I do now? Pete was working an hour away and I needed to pick up Hannah from the sitter. I called my mom (in the lobby no less) and asked if she could pick Hannah up because I needed to have surgery possibly tonight. She asked if I could drive and I said yes. She told me to wait there, she would make some calls and come pick me up. My brother went to pick up Hannah and my parents came to get me.

When we got down to Piedmont, the office was already closed but there was a sign on the door frame that said "Mrs. Yost, follow the hallway to the end for Dr. Frank". I was so scared!!!!

The Doctor determined that the tear had already progressed far enough that we could do surgery in the morning versus having the "B" team that night (his words not mine).

I went to my mom's house after and I remember making the hardest call in my life....I called Michelle and cried over the loss of her precious daughter. I had to tell her that I would be at the service in spirit only since I was having surgery the next day.

My surgery was in the afternoon if I remember correctly. I was blindfolded after the surgery (which I was told about) and had to lay flat on my right side.

My memories from that first 24 hours:
  • Asking what time it was to anybody that came in the room.
  • Lisa putting flowers in my face for me to "smell".
  • Lisa checking to see if I had pants on under the sheet.
  • Getting a shot in the butt after complaining of a headache.
  • Getting scolded by the nurses because I had my head up so Pete could tell me how to get to the bathroom (how many steps and what furniture was there)
  • Anxiously awaiting the 6am doctor visit so I could get a peephole eye patch.
  • Being embarrassed to have to leave the hospital with the left eye patched, right eye with a peephole patch with my glasses over it because I can't see without them.

My detached retina was caused from a tear in my retina due to be near-sighted. The doctor fixed the tear with a laser, attached a silicone buckle around my eye (I always say I have silicone in the wrong place) and then an air bubble is inserted in the eye. The buckle and bubble work together to push the retina together so it will reattach on its own.

I had to be on my left side for 20 out of 24 hours a day for the 1st week (that includes eating, showering, etc.). I am so lucky to have such a great family that kicked in and helped us....Hannah was only 12 weeks old.

I worried that I would not see my daughter get married or be able to work (I am an accountant and I don't think the market is good for a blind accountant)....I know these were crazy thoughts, after all we have TWO eyes.

I am happy to report that I still have silicone in the wrong place, but my vision in the left eye is fully correctable with contacts/glasses. I did what I was supposed to do for my healing (my dad had threatened to kick my ass if I didn't), I was able to make my daughter's 1st Halloween costume, and I am more grateful today for what I can see!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting close

We are really close to adding a four-legged member to our family.

I am so hoping it all works out.....I just love this little guy.

Wednesday is the day we will know for sure!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


I was corrected last night about a previous post....

Pete did not "fall" into a mud puddle....he "stepped" in the mud puddle and the mud "splashed" up on his leg (all the way to his knee).

He leaves the falling to me!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I need my Mommy


I know I am big now....I got on a plane this morning all by "me-self".

I rented a car like a big girl, drove my boss to our meeting and then drove 3 hours to West Palm all by "me-self".

But for the life of me....I cannot iron!!!! Not only do I suck at it....I HATE IT!!! I think I hate it more than doing the dishes!!!

I think I need you here Mom!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Reunion Update

We made it to our reunion last weekend and we both agreed that we would have rather been at the race track (we made lots of phone calls though). We did look pretty good though :)!!! We did enjoy seeing Jeff and his wife and Richard.....we really do need to do a better job of keeping in touch!!!
We were back at the track this past weekend and wow did it feel good!!! I am sore as hell because I am so graceful and fell down when I was trying to cross the track to cheer Matt on - I swear the earth moved below me!! I couldn't even blame it on alcohol!!!

My dear, sweet husband's comment when told that I fell...

"You know how golfer's have a handicap? Well, there is mine!!"

Karma is a bitch my friend....Pete fell in a mud puddle later in the evening!!!
(No, I did not push him - he graduated from the same "school of grace" that I did)

Hannah and I met a little guy yesterday by the name of "Hunter"....he seems "pawfect" for our family and Daddy didn't say "No". I sure am hoping things work out.....

Life Goes On

This has been a pretty emotional week so far....I would be okay if it would get easier!!

Yesterday I decided to quit.....(not my paying job worries)....on taking Matt to school in the mornings. He is just so finicky and I just can't handle the crying. Pete took him this morning since I officially turned in my resignation yesterday effective immediately. I haven't burn the bridge or anything....I just need some space!!!

Hopefully the gas situation will be getting better soon.....I have done my best to conserve as much as I could!!! I am under a quarter of a tank right now, but it seems like the lines have improved a lot since yesterday!!

We did get some exciting news on Hannah...she has been invited to join the Beta Club. She has done such a great job this year in getting involved...she is in Chorus and on the News Team. Pete and I were never very involved in school, so it is great to see her doing her own thing and getting involved!!

We also received some random news today on Matt....he failed his eye test at school. WTH? We just had them checked at the end of July. Hopefully he was just confused on the test and didn't know what the "answer" was but not because he can't SEE it!!! Awesome - 4 years old, no front teeth, shaved head (maybe Pete will let it actually grow some) and glasses!!!!

I will be traveling for work next week down to Orlando and down the coast to Miami. I think it will be good to get away for a couple of days!! I will be staying in West Palm and I may just have to sit by the ocean and remember how truly blessed I am. I am pretty sure that visiting 4 nursing homes will surely help me feel blessed!!!