Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Autrey...Are you on your way?

The house is buzzing with the anticipation of our elf's, Autrey, annual visit.

We wrote our letter to Santa requesting Autrey's visit again this year with the promise to take good care of him until Santa comes to get him on Christmas Eve.

The boys ran out this morning when they saw "a candy cane package" on the driveway. It ended up being a newspaper with sales ads.

Then Davis heard the Fed-Ex truck and he said "I heard the brakes and I just knew he would stop here, but he didn't". I asked what he was expecting and he said "you know he (the elf) could come in a PACKAGE".

Autrey tends to be a little mischievous while he is visiting, with his first stunt being the most memorable for the kids....he made pancakes and a big MESS.

He even tried to take the dirt bike out....

Hopefully Santa can spare little Autrey again this year....I wonder when he will come and what antics he has up his sleeves this year!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It Takes Two

Last weekend I heard this twice on two different movies/shows I was watching.

This brings back some really good memories of college for me. This was a popular lip-syncing song that many of my friends would do. I was never drunk enough to get up on the stage....THANK GOD!!

This video was cute and I just needed something light today!!

Matt has been sick since about 3 this morning, he does seem to be a little better now after some soup, applesauce and a nice long nap. I hope no one else gets it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Please Be Patient...

God isn't finished with me yet

At least I hope He's not finished with me!!

I would be lying if I said "all is well".

I am teetering on the edge

But every time I feel like am going to fall,

I feel the hands of someone holding on to me.

Those hands have come in many forms.

A gift card from an anonymous friend
A phone call from someone who cares.
A short term contract job that provided the "best support group ever".
A job lead.
A prayer on my behalf.
My tough 5 year old saying he wants to take a heart necklace to school because it reminds him how much he loves me.
And so much more!!

Thank you for all the "hands"....I surely would have fallen without them!!

I saw a church sign today that said,

"Give Thanks for the Blessings Yet to Come"

Thank you God for not completing me yet...I am looking forward to what is in store for me.