Monday, March 30, 2009

You think this is wrong??

As if we needed it, here is more proof that we have too much time on our hands!!

This is our new favorite commercial...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rainy Saturday

We have been getting rain for days now.
I love that it is hopefully washing away the gross yellow pollen that falls this time of the year.
I don't love the fact that my boys are not able to go outside and they have been bouncing off the walls!!! At one point, Davis was pulling Matt around the house by his blanket...

I remember when a rainy Saturday meant an all day Lifetime Movie Marathon. No such luck when you have kids in the house!! I am getting a few movies in today, but it is in between telling the boys to calm down...quit running....leave the dog more cereal...and so on!!

Pete did accomplish something today...Matt got a haircut.

I also figured out what Pete has to bribe him with...Matt gets to control the air.

Here is short video of the end of the haircut...

Now we are off to eat some Chili at Pete's dad's house.

I think the rain is supposed to stop by tomorrow....whew!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009


I have known for awhile that Matt is VERY particular about a lot of things....

His shoes must be put on "right"...the tongue must be pulled at precisely the right moment.

His socks can't have any "bumps" on them....not really sure what they are, but he will pull them off in a NY minute if they are not right.

His clothes must have a 4 in the size...even though now he is 5. We have a couple 4/5 that he is okay with because it has a 4 in it.

His jacket and backpack must be put on BOTH hooks at school....not just one side.

This morning I learned a new requirement....he puts his pants on with his right leg first...not the other one!! I thought he was going to lose it this morning when I put them on the wrong leg first.

Lord help me with this one!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


That I need to go back to work....
I made all of these in the last week.
(none from scratch...I am friends with the box)

The Pi Cake for Hannah

The Monkey Bread

Shamrock cupcake "cake" for Matt for school

Strawberry Cheesecake cups for Matt
(he wanted something with "strawberries on it")

Another cake because Hannah doesn't like cheesecake.

I also made shamrock cookies for Matt to take to church school...forgot to take a picture of those!!
The urge must have worn off though, because everything is store bought for the family March birthday celebration tomorrow!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Too Serious

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to one of those car surveys where you get paid to give your opinion.

It was supposed to be about 2 hours....but I figured no way that it would take that long.

Regardless....I am unemployed....the money was too good to pass up!!!

I get there at my appointment time (11:30) and start the grueling tasks of filling out millions of questions (ok - I know it was not quite a million but it seemed like it).

You are supposed to first rate all of the exteriors of the six cars. Then you are supposed to go one by one and answer tons of questions on the exterior and interior of each car. Sit in the front seat...adjust the seat and the steering wheel, get out and get back in to see how easy it is to get in and out, rate visibility, etc. Second you get in the back seat and answer some questions. You had to look in the trunk and put a box in it.

This could go fairly quickly.....especially after you have done one (for example, you can see how easy it is to get in as you are getting in the front seat the first need to actually get in and out).

What then caused me to be there for 2.5 hours??

Some people took it way too serious!! At each car they would go through the whole routine...which caused me to have to wait just to have a turn to sit in the car.

I gave my honest opinions...but I gave my first impression.

If I get the opportunity again, I am going to try to go at a later time....when all the old ladies will be home in bed!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Irish Blessing

We have been blessed with
5 Years

60 Months

1,826 Days

43,824 Hours

Of Matthew Charles Yost

Happy 5th Birthday Matty, we wouldn't be the same without you!!

May you always have...

A sunbeam to warm you,
Good luck to charm you,
And a sheltering angel so nothing can harm you,
Laughter to cheer you,
Faithful friends near you,
And whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you.

Always remember the road HOME Matt....we will be here!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Last night my husband got a call from a very good friend's sister (this person is who my husband considers his best friend).

She told him that this friend is in the hospital....a mental hospital.

Apparently this friend has suffered from schizophrenia for many years.

We had no idea.

My prayers go out to his friend and his family. My heart aches for my husband who is second guessing his interactions with his friend and wondering how he can help. I pray that he finds the right words and that he will be an anchor for his friend.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The mind of a 4 year old

This morning I am making Monkey Bread. Something I know all my kids love and we have two other kids staying with us for the weekend, so I thought I would be domestic.
My Matty (who by the way is only 3 days from being 5.) asked me what I was making so I told him.
He said "why, are monkeys coming to our house?"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fear the Circle

Tomorrow Hannah's class is celebrating Pi Day because 3/14 is on Saturday.

She gets to take any dessert that is in the shape of a circle. I guess they will be measuring everything.

I said I would bake a round cake for her. I am even going to try to make a Pi on the cake with sprinkles.
Confession time:
I used to love as a kid to lick the mixers and the bowl when my mom made anything. I guess I still love it....I waited to mix the batter until Hannah had left for softball and the boys were in the shower so I could lick the bowl all by myself!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Last night I attended my church's Lenten Mission.

We were asked to write down our "burdens" to give them to Jesus.

My Burdens:
  • Letting my anxiety overwhelm me to the point that I don't see the blessings that I have.
  • My inability to accept/forgive the shortcomings of someone in our lives.
  • Being petty.

We all put our "burdens" in a basket and went outside. The priest (Father Ricardo...the best priest I have ever met) burned them all.

I hope I can truly give these burdens over to God....I know if I do that I my heart will feel lighter.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Knowing your roots

We have had Hunter now for almost 5 months, but he was not a puppy when we got him. He was around a year and a half. We got him from a rescue group and they weren't sure of his exact breed. He looks like a German Shepherd, but you could tell he looked a little different.

Well, we had a trainer come out to our house a couple weeks ago to give us a quote on some training. He told us that he thought maybe Hunter is a Belgian Malinois (pronounced MAL-in-wah).

I was amazed at the photos I saw and the temperament of the fit Hunter almost exactly. His eyes are always alert and his legs and body are really long.

I know that I love him no matter what, but I think it helps us be better "parents" when we know a little more about his breed!!

What do you think?

A photo from the Internet....

Our Hunter

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another long day in store for me???

Yesterday seemed to go on FOREVER!!!

The day started with the news that my neighbor's parents died in a car accident over the weekend (they were around 80). Then we had an orthodontic appointment for Hannah...Pete wasn't feeling well so I took her. Everything went well, except the doctor really wants us to get 3 teeth pulled...we don't have jobs or insurance so it will need to wait. It only means a delay, not a big deal, but it bothers me.

When I got home from taking Hannah back to school and getting groceries, Pete said he wanted to go to the doctor because his throat was killing him. We went to the Minute Clinic at CVS and after an agonizing ordeal to get a culture (because Pete couldn't seem to keep his tongue down) he has strep. Thanks to Publix, we got our free antibiotics and he should feel better soon.

Hannah gets off the bus in tears...her throat and head were really hurting. I called our pediatrician and begged for antibiotics without us having to bring her in. Fortunately he called it in to another trip to the store. She is home today and hopefully will be feeling better soon!!

I checked our messages once we got home and we had received two calls from the school nurse, for Davis. His stomach was hurting because "he ate lunch too fast" and then the nurse said that the rash he has under his nose is probably an infection. He has been picking it and so it looks so bad. I put peroxide on it and then coated it with antibiotic cream. I sent the cream with him to school....hopefully that will clear it up without a visit to the doctor.

After I got everyone settled, I headed to the church for a wake for a wonderful man, Ed Oudt, who passed away suddenly on Friday. He was 73 and it came as quite a shock. As I sat there last night, I couldn't help but think that I don't want to be in the Oudt's shoes anytime soon. I am not ready to say goodbye to either of my parents. My hearts go out to Trudy (his wife) and his "children".

I took Dave to the bus this morning and he was in a great mood. He asked me to come to lunch with him and I said if he didn't go to the nurse today that I would go tomorrow. At 7:15, phone is the school. Davis is in the office and his stomach is really hurting and is crying. I tell him that he needs to relax and breathe. He said he missed me and that is why his stomach hurts. I didn't know what to I told him I would go to lunch today if he would try to go to class. Yum...I am eating school lunch (can you hear the sarcasm?)!!! I think I need to have a conversation with his teacher to figure out what we can do about his stomach.

I guess I need to get a move on....I am supposed to be job hunting and I am hoping for a shower today!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Excuse me Tooth Fairy....but this time it is for REAL

Matt lost his first real tooth today (see here for the explanation of his front teeth)!!

It has been loose for a little while and he has been a bit concerned about it. He told me on Friday when I picked him up from school that he was scared people would laugh at him when it came out.

I am not surprised he is losing them so early....his first tooth (probably the one he lost today) popped through at 4 months and I only found it because I happen to put my finger in his mouth. He was never unbearable when he was teething.

Congrats Mattman......I am sure the Tooth fairy is just as excited to get another tooth!!

I think his other bottom tooth will fall out in a day or so.....hopefully he won't be as concerned about this one!!

Snow in Georgia

It won't last...but it really is beautiful!!! Unfortunately, at our house we are only getting rain...we are in this little pocket that we are only getting rain. The picture was taken by the mall only about 15 minutes from our house. We are supposed to be getting more this afternoon and overnight....we'll see!!!!