Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Now I get it

I can hear my parents say "don't take your shoes off without untying the laces".

I remember rolling my eyes and thinking "Whatever".

Now I get it....

But I guess my kids still don't!!!.
I didn't tie these...this is how they took them off.


When I was young and dreaming about becoming a mom, I only pictured myself with boys.  

What in the world was I thinking?????

These two boys of mine continue to make me wonder how men are so dominate in business and politics.

Although, I guess I better understand the statement "behind every good man is a great woman". 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finally Fixed

Oh my...I have been trying to fix the layout of my blog since my last post...all the "gadgets" were on the bottom instead of the side.

It was a really weird stupid fix...just had to click on a different tab on the last entry.

Now if fixing my shower and printer were as easy and cheap!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Huntess and the Frog

When Hunter and I returned from taking the boys to the bus stop this morning, he wouldn't come in the house because he wanted something under the car. I figured he had somehow found a baseball or football that he isn't supposed to have. So I went around the back of the car and looked underneath the car. I saw what looked like a small bouncy ball or something....then it moved. It was a little frog. Not really very cute...kinda ugly in fact. I ran and got my phone to take some pictures...the quality isn't great but you might get an idea of what our morning was like...

This was not a very pretty frog...and not very big either.

He was being very brave...careful to not get too close ;-)

Look by his back leg...the frog is under the mower about to make a break for it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Have Mercy On Us...

We have an official teenager in the house!!

Hannah turned 13 while we were in South Dakota for our reunion (which is why her birthday post is coming so late).

Here she is when we woke her up on her birthday.

Hannah has acted like a teenager for years now, but now it is finally official.

Hannah made us parents and continues to make us earn our parenting badges!!

She is such a joy to be around (most of the time), she is fun and mostly interested in her social status. She takes pictures of herself with her phone in the same pose over and over again and then uploads them to Facebook. She texts like crazy and that phone is attached to her hand at all times. We don't usually make her happy and we really don't know anything.

I can't believe how quickly the time has gone...I remember the day she was born like it happened this morning. This little firecracker (she was only 5lbs 13oz) made us a family and we couldn't be happier to call her ours.

Happy Birthday Boo Bear....you hold such a special place in our hearts and while I know it is tough right now, know that we are ALWAYS there for you!! Love ya Girl!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to School

Everyone is in bed after a very good start of the new school year.

Last night everyone got bathed and teeth brushed and tried to go to bed early.

 July 2010 064

The bags were packed and shoes set out.

July 2010 062

Morning came and breakfast was made.

July 2010 075

We took the 1st day pictures.

July 2010 073  July 2010 076 July 2010 078 July 2010 074July 2010 090July 2010 083 

The bus came for the boys and off they went.

July 2010 088  

Hannah talked me into taking her to school early…

July 2010 093

A great start to what I hope is a great year.  I am scared though because Hannah actually looks like a teenager…when did that happen?

**I am sorry for the quality of the pictures…the time of day is terrible because the flash made it look super dark out but it wasn’t quite light enough for no flash without it being washed out.  Maybe when I “get rich” (Matt’s favorite saying) I can get a better camera where I can do some manual adjustments**