Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The kids and I are going to vacation bible school at my church this week (the kids as campers, me as a volunteer).

The theme this year is guardian angels.

I am actually with the middle schoolers in another building , so I don't get to see what the boys are doing until I pick them up.

They made a necklace with angel wings as a pendent and they were showing me what they had made when we got in the car.

The boys were explaining what was on the necklace and Matt says "these are angel wings".

Davis says, "wow Matt, you are really smart."

Matt says..."duh, I just finished a whole pack of Smarties".

Monday, June 15, 2009

My better half

18 Years ago today I became Mrs. Peter Yost.

It hasn't always been easy, but worth every minute!!

I love you Pete and I know that together we can do anything

I can't wait to see what the next 18 years bring!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Doing the Right Thing

We have been pleasantly surprised by two companies this week.

The check engine light has been on in the truck since we (said very loosely since I had nothing to do with the installation - thanks Pop) changed the engine in December. The problem was "insufficient air through the EGR valve". However, the truck has been running okay, so there was no big concern. On Memorial Day, while pulling the camping trailer, the truck was not running well at all. My dad offered to take a look at it and see what was wrong. I believe he cleaned something and looked at a couple of things. It ran much better and the check engine light was staying off...but came back on after we picked it up. My dad bought the electrical part of the EGR valve and the light went off. ...until the drive home. We decided to look into buying the actual valve and went to one store and they didn't have it in stock. So, we drove to O'Riley's Auto Parts. When he inquired about the part, the guy asked if the check engine light was on. Pete said yes and the guy said "I worked for Ford for 6 years and I know exactly what your problem is, the plenum (Pete's new favorite word) is clogged. Just remove it, clean it out and I am sure it will fix your problem". He even drew out a diagram for him so he would know what to look for. Pete cleaned his plenum (that seriously makes me laugh out loud) and sure enough the light went off and the truck is running GREAT!!! Thank you O'Riley's part guy....way to do the right thing!!!

**I also wanted to note how proud I am of Pete for taking the risk to try this on his own, he was concerned that he might mess it up and he was going to see if my dad could help him. He went ahead and did it all on his own!! Pop - you may have created a mechanic monster**

The second company is a juice company. This week Davis broke out in a rash from an unknown source. We have no idea exactly what it was from. We analyzed everything he had eaten and our guts were that some kind of dye or something may have caused it. He had Cap'n Crunch Berries, Gobstoppers and this new juice from Juicy Juice. When I looked at the ingredients for the juice, there was a statement that it included "less than 2% of natural flavors". I sent a message on-line to Juicy Juice to find out exactly what was in the "natural flavors". Yesterday, they CALLED me!!! How awesome is that. I don't think that the juice caused the problem, but they were so concerned and took down all of our information. They are also sending me coupons to replace the juice in question as well as other Nestle products. What a nice change to have a company actually concerned about their consumers.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Six Weeks

Today marks 6 weeks of exercising for Pete and I.

We have worked through a lot of pain and even some relationship challenges.

Last week we added The 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. Holy Crap...I have NEVER been that sore in my entire life (including 3 c-sections). It is amazing how many times you must get up and down each day...especially when you want to die each time you do!!! However, the pain is now gone and we have continued to use the DVD every day. We are taking a day off today from the DVD, but we plan on walking today.

We have been disappointed in the actual weight loss we have achieved, but are pleased with some of the changes in our bodies. Our motto is "It Can't Hurt" (I don't mean pain).

Hopefully the next 6 weeks we will face the challenge of incorporating our exercising before or after WORK!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The possibilities

Our baby, Matt, has surprised us from the beginning.

I was 20 weeks pregnant with him without us knowing.

His memory is fantastic...he always knows exactly where he left something.

He has a desire to learn how things work...he was asking Pete tonight about things on the dirt bike he is assembling (it was shipped from another state).

Tonight he proved yet again that we are in for a ride with this one....

We have been looking for the sunscreen that we bought a couple weeks ago (at Matt's insistence because he was afraid to get a sunburn). Any one that knows our family knows this is not surprising since we seriously lack in organizational skills. I even bought new sunscreen this afternoon. However, Matt was on his search of band-aids (which I have hidden - he isn't the only smart one) he suddenly announced from the kitchen counter, "Is this what you have been looking for?" He was holding the sunscreen. I asked him where he found it and he showed me the cabinet....the same one both Pete and I looked in.

When I asked him what he was doing on the counter, he smartly announced "I was looking for the sun lotion".

I did give him a band-aid for his trouble!