Friday, June 1, 2012


Matt just lost his first molar the other night (it was hardly loose the night before he lost it, he worked it hard the next day and with some help from his "tooth puller" - AKA Hannah - it was out and the toothfairy lost some of her retirement).

Matt has been complaining that his back teeth are hurting.  It looks like his 12 year old molars might be coming in - he is only 8 but all of his teeth have come in early. 

Last night as he was heading to bed he suddenly says:

"Oh I know why my teeth hurt....I am getting my wisdom teeth and I need to get them pulled"


Come to find out, the neighbor kid across the street is getting his pulled most likely for braces.  I guess he heard the term and decided that was his issue too.  This kid is so silly!!!!

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