Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Missing "me"

I realized yesterday that I miss the old me.  I am seeing more and more glimpses of her these days, but am still a little startled when something little makes me retreat back to the anxious Sally.

I know my family misses me too...wish they knew how much I miss me too!!!

Baby steps Sally..

Dear Old Me,

I miss you.  I know you are there, I have seen you peeking around the corner more and more these days. 

Try not to think that you have derailed when you have only hit a little bump in the road.  Figure out what is really bothering you and take steps to fix it or deal with it.

Try to be patient with your family as they miss you too. 

Understand that you will never be the same person you used to be...being the same would indicate that you are not growing. 

Tomorrow will likely not be what you expected, stop expecting the worst and maybe you will be surprised with the unexpected!!

Live for today Sally....let go. 


lseabolt said...

I like this. We all miss a little bit of the old you. She's there--she's always there. Maybe she just needed to take a little break. Tell her it's okay to come back from vacation. It will be a new and improved old you b/c you have grown. Love to you (both old and new).

Sally said...

Thank you Lisa!! I am trying hard!!